Mind-Set project will produce a modern asymmetric e-learning course on developing an Entrepreneurial Mind-Set. The course will focus on characteristics the individual should have in order to be a successful entrepreneur. 

DIRECT target groups of the project:

* Persons, who are studying or working in creative industries

* Youth and students who are working in creative industries

* Representatives of education institutions that teach any of creative industries

The advantage of creative persons is that they all have some kind of creative skill that can be used in building own business, but to be successful, they need to have the right mind-set and the developed e-learning course modules will help. 

Project innovative aspect lies in the fact that it aims to teach Entrepreneurship or to set the right mind-set to people from creative industries (E-learning course) that will be easily available from anywhere with internet connection and on any type of device, including smartphones. E-learning module is very easily sharable // downloadable, thus it will act as a superior tool of development of the Mind-Set.

There are a lot of initiatives or programmes for Entrepreneurship for Youth, but not very much of them focus on personal characteristics that are important to become a successful entrepreneur.

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Ability to take decisions quickly and confidently. One's ability as a decision-maker will make or break it's future successes or at the opposite end, ability not to take decisions usually failure of the intended business. Being decisive takes practice to master and it begins with small decisions in the business of daily life.


Entrepreneurs must stay focused on the long-term goals of the business while not getting overwhelmed by short-term hurdles


Nobody is too

busy, it is just matter of priorities

We have first drafts of modules ready (working versions) 👇

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